Lights, Love & Lip Gloss


Simone, N. & Abrams, A. (2014). Lights, Love & Lip Gloss. New York, NY: Kensington.


Paperback-$9.16 (Amazon)

This title is also available in Kindle format


A group of girls deal with the daily drama of their high school careers.

London, Rich, Heather, and Spencer are the popular chicks that rule Hollywood High. Each one is clever and a bit devious in their own way. Betrayal, cheating, jealousy, payback, and a little love create a whirlwind of drama.

“…so what if I keyed up his car. Tossed a brick through his windshield. Kicked a dent in his driver’s-side door. Made a scene at his apartment building and his nosy neighbor called the police on me. Still…Who did he think he was?”

Which diva will come out on top?

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