The Orphan Queen

Meadows, J. (2015). The Orphan Queen. New York, NY: Harper Collins.
Hardcover-$12.59 (Amazon)
This title is also available in Kindle format

An orphaned princess will do whatever it takes to get her kingdom back.

Wilhelmina is the rightful heir to the Vermilion Throne in Aecor. Unfortunately, nobody but her group of orphans (known as the Ospreys) know that she is alive since the majority of the Court was killed in the One Night’s War a decade ago. Now she and her Ospreys must find a way to infiltrate the Indigo Kingdom and restore her to her throne. The task is a difficult one with wraith magic seeping into the mirrored kingdom. Will Wilhelmina be able to accomplish her task before the Court becomes too suspicious of her forged history?


The Wrath and the Dawn


Ahdieh, R. (2015). The Wrath and the Dawn. New York, NY: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.


Hardcover-$11.44 (Amazon)

This title is also available in Kindle and Audible formats

Awards/Honors: Nominated for the 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards for YA Fiction; Junior Library Guild Selection; Indie Next List Top 10 Pick


A young woman seeks to end the pattern of murders of each of the king’s new brides.

Khalid is the young Caliph of Khorasan with a deep dark secret and is feared by his people. Each day he takes a new bride and each morning she is executed. Shahrzad is the next bride in line and she vows to break the cycle after her best friend met the same horrible fate. Will her charm and wisdom help her make it through the dawn?

The Wrath and the Dawn is filled with a beautifully colorful culture and sprinkled with magic. Ahdieh masterfully weaves her tale with plenty of mystery and some well-placed cliffhangers. This book is a fantastic retelling of the classic A Thousand and One Nights (also known as Arabian Nights).

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The Wicked + The Divine (vol. 1: The Faust Act)


Gillen, K. & McKelvie, J. (2014). The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics Inc.


Paperback-$6.09 (Amazon)

Awards/Honors: Best Comic at the 2014 British Comic Awards; Nominated for the 2015 Eisner Awards


Twelve gods incarnate as human icons every 90 years, but being in the limelight also makes them targets.

Graphic novels are my favorite because the pictures really help me understand what is happening in the story. -Isaac R., age 14

The Wicked + The Divine is graphic in more ways than one. The colored illustrations convey the tone and emotions on each page. The characters are diverse in race and sexuality. Each one is drawn to fit his or her personality. It is also graphic in content, using quite a bit of foul language and talk about sex. Of course, that is something you might expect from a storyline about a group of twelve gods that are personified every ninety years and are reincarnated in new bodies every two years during that time.

The gods generally come back as pop stars and celebrities to take advantage of the notoriety. They incite pure adoration as well as fear (face it, when someone can make your head explode with a snap of their fingers you are going to watch your back). In this first installment, a young fangirl named Laura must help Luci (Lucifer) after she is framed for killing a judge. A lot can happen when you get yourself tangled up with the wicked and the divine.

Lights, Love & Lip Gloss


Simone, N. & Abrams, A. (2014). Lights, Love & Lip Gloss. New York, NY: Kensington.


Paperback-$9.16 (Amazon)

This title is also available in Kindle format


A group of girls deal with the daily drama of their high school careers.

London, Rich, Heather, and Spencer are the popular chicks that rule Hollywood High. Each one is clever and a bit devious in their own way. Betrayal, cheating, jealousy, payback, and a little love create a whirlwind of drama.

“…so what if I keyed up his car. Tossed a brick through his windshield. Kicked a dent in his driver’s-side door. Made a scene at his apartment building and his nosy neighbor called the police on me. Still…Who did he think he was?”

Which diva will come out on top?

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Finding Audrey


Kinsella, S. (2015). Finding Audrey. New York, NY: Delacorte Press.


Hardcover-$18.99 (Barnes & Noble)

This title is also available in Kindle and Audible formats


A reclusive girl’s life revolves around her home and family after a traumatic incident at school.

Audrey’s family is a bit dysfunctional. Her older brother is obsessed with video games, her younger brother is a hyper little kid that thinks he knows everything, her mother is addicted to the Daily Mail, and her father hides in his office so he can check out cars on the Internet while avoiding his wife’s drama. Then there is Audrey, the reclusive girl in the dark sunglasses that doesn’t talk to anyone aside from her family and her therapist.

“Every time you freeze in fright, that’s your lizard brain taking over. It’s called the lizard brain because we all had one of these even when we were lizards, apparently” (p.76).

Audrey’s “stupid lizard brain” keeps her from making any progress with her anxiety disorder, but her brother’s friend Linus might be the push she needs.

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