Book Nerd Bites #3 Back to School Edition


Book Nerd Bites is an original monthly feature created by Becca from Becca and Books, Cyra from Rattle the Pages, Kristie from Lost in Ever After, Natasha from A Binding Attraction, and Valerie from He Said Books or Me as part of the Book Blogger Creativity Project hosted by Nori from ReadWriteLove28. Each month we will be sharing exciting recipes inspired by some of our favorite books. Feel free to join in, but please make sure you link your post back to us so we can enjoy your favorite bookish delights as well!

Welcome back to Book Nerd Bites! This month is our Back to School edition!

This month I was inspired by the cover of Twilight. It also takes place during high school, so it fits the bill. I am going with a simple recipe that it perfect for an after school snack  or can be used as an appetizer for a party.


I give you….apple shaped cheese balls!

imagesI love this idea because you can mix and match different cheese balls, stems, and leaves. Today I will give you 3 options for different cheese ball bases.

Garlic Cheese Ball

8 oz cream cheese

8 oz cheddar cheese spread (I use Kaukauna with the blue lid)

1 TBL Garlic Powder

1 TBL garlic salt

Mix all ingredients together and follow the below instructions for shaping your cheese ball

Horseradish Cheese Ball

8 oz cream cheese

2 TBL horseradish

2 TBL mustard (any kind)

Mix all ingredients together and follow the below instructions for shaping your cheese ball

Meat & Cheese Ball

8 oz cream cheese

1 green onion diced

1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 cup diced deli ham (thinly sliced)

A dash or 2 of Worcestershire

Mix all ingredients together and follow the below instructions for shaping your cheese ball

Place the cheese ball base on a piece of plastic wrap and shape it into apple. After you get the general shape you want, you can then roll it in paprika and make any adjustments to the final shape.  Putting the paprika in a bowl makes it a little easier to coat the cheese ball, but do it whatever way you feel comfortable with.

There are several options for stems. The most common one I’ve seen is pretzel sticks. I actually like the crunchy chow mein noodles because they curl a little bit like an actual apple stem would. You can also use cinnamon sticks.

The first time I ever saw a recipe for this they used a bay leaf. I don’t recommend using bay leaves because you aren’t supposed to eat them and if you watch Chopped as much as I do, you know that you should never garnish with something you can’t eat. That being said, a basil leaf if perfect because it is leafy and bright. Sage is another option. You could also substitute a mint leaf if you prefer. You can chew on it later to give you nice breath (or you can be like Gansey and just chew on it for the heck of it).

You can use all kinds of things for the outside coating if you don’t want to go with the apple look. Shredded or crumbles cheese, bacon, panko or regular breadcrumbs, crushed chips or pretzels, etc. are all great options. I’ve even seen an amazing dessert ball rolled in M&Ms.

What is your favorite cheese ball recipe? Do you have a favorite after school snack? What are some of your favorite books that take place in a school setting?


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Here is this week’s schedule for the rest of the group:
Monday – Cyra
Tuesday – Natasha (Me)
Wednesday – Becca
Thursday – Kristie
Friday – Valerie
Saturday – Nori

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