The Sin Eater’s Daughter


Salisbury, M. (2015). The Sin Eater’s Daughter. New York, NY: Scholastic Press.


Paperback-$7.02 (The Book Depository)

This title is also available in Hardcover, Kindle, and Audible formats

Awards/Honors: 2015 North East Teenage Book Award Nominee

I feel like people think books are just for girls or nerds so when I see a guy reading I usually find him attractive. I didn’t used to tell people how much I liked to read, but now I don’t really care any more. I do feel like certain genres are still mostly directed to one gender or another, but I think that will change. –Raquel K., age 16

Twylla is given the chance of a lifetime by being betrothed to the Prince, but it comes with a price.

Families lay out spreads of food after a loved one’s death and each item represents one of their sins. The Sin Eater atones for their sins by filling her belly. Twylla’s mother is the Sin Eater and she was destined to replace her one day, until the Queen declares Twylla as Daunen Embodied. Twylla’s title makes her the Prince’s betrothed and the Queen’s Executioner. She is forced to drink poison and listen to the crimes of men that the Queen chooses to pass judgment upon. Twylla’s touch is an automatic death sentence and everyone fears her, except for her new guard. Would you be able live with the knowledge that your touch could kill somebody?

Listen to Melinda reading an excerpt from her book

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