The Wicked + The Divine (vol. 1: The Faust Act)


Gillen, K. & McKelvie, J. (2014). The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics Inc.


Paperback-$6.09 (Amazon)

Awards/Honors: Best Comic at the 2014 British Comic Awards; Nominated for the 2015 Eisner Awards


Twelve gods incarnate as human icons every 90 years, but being in the limelight also makes them targets.

Graphic novels are my favorite because the pictures really help me understand what is happening in the story. -Isaac R., age 14

The Wicked + The Divine is graphic in more ways than one. The colored illustrations convey the tone and emotions on each page. The characters are diverse in race and sexuality. Each one is drawn to fit his or her personality. It is also graphic in content, using quite a bit of foul language and talk about sex. Of course, that is something you might expect from a storyline about a group of twelve gods that are personified every ninety years and are reincarnated in new bodies every two years during that time.

The gods generally come back as pop stars and celebrities to take advantage of the notoriety. They incite pure adoration as well as fear (face it, when someone can make your head explode with a snap of their fingers you are going to watch your back). In this first installment, a young fangirl named Laura must help Luci (Lucifer) after she is framed for killing a judge. A lot can happen when you get yourself tangled up with the wicked and the divine.

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