Finding Audrey


Kinsella, S. (2015). Finding Audrey. New York, NY: Delacorte Press.


Hardcover-$18.99 (Barnes & Noble)

This title is also available in Kindle and Audible formats


A reclusive girl’s life revolves around her home and family after a traumatic incident at school.

Audrey’s family is a bit dysfunctional. Her older brother is obsessed with video games, her younger brother is a hyper little kid that thinks he knows everything, her mother is addicted to the Daily Mail, and her father hides in his office so he can check out cars on the Internet while avoiding his wife’s drama. Then there is Audrey, the reclusive girl in the dark sunglasses that doesn’t talk to anyone aside from her family and her therapist.

“Every time you freeze in fright, that’s your lizard brain taking over. It’s called the lizard brain because we all had one of these even when we were lizards, apparently” (p.76).

Audrey’s “stupid lizard brain” keeps her from making any progress with her anxiety disorder, but her brother’s friend Linus might be the push she needs.

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