Throne of Glass


Maas, S. (2012). Throne of Glass. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.


Hardcover-$11.16 (Barnes & Noble)

This title is also available in Paperback, Kindle, CD, and Audible formats

Awards/Honors: 2015 Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee

Fantasy is my favorite genre. It makes me wish magic was real. It is a great escape from reality. -Candace B., age 15

A hardened assassin must fight for her freedom against unknown obstacles.

Celaena is the hardcore heroine you always wanted. She had a crappy childhood, lost her family, and was raised by assassins. She is one of the best at her job, but that doesn’t mean she is invincible, which is probably why she ended up in a prison camp. The tables turn in her favor when she is summoned to the castle to compete for the title of King’s Champion and earn her freedom. As part of the competition Celaena must defeat the other challengers sponsored by members of the court, many of which are criminals and murderers. The stakes get higher as the competition progresses and strange beasts start leaving trails of carcasses around the castle. Celaena must keep fighting for her freedom and the opportunity to serve the Throne of Glass.

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