I’ll Meet You There


Red, vintage, neon motel sign on blue sky; Shutterstock ID 95002717

Demetrios, H. (2015). I’ll Meet You There. NewYork, NY: Henry Holt and Company.


Hardcover-$13.68 (Amazon)

The title is also available in Paperback and Kindle formats


A quirky motel in the middle of nowhere offers an escape for two teens working through their painful personal problems.

Skylar can’t wait to get out of Creek View. Who could blame her when the alternative is to stay in the trailer park, get knocked up, and work as a waitress in the middle of nowhere. Sky has spent her high school career working hard to get into art school, while also working the desk at a local motel to save up enough to get out of town. As if doing all of that isn’t tough enough, she also has to deal with the loss of her father and her emotionally unstable mother.

Of course, things get interesting when the town hero gets back from his military tour overseas with his own baggage. Skylar and Josh somehow manage to create an unlikely friendship while fighting their demons. Between her mixed feelings toward Josh and things getting worse at home, will Skylar give up everything she has worked for?

Heather Demetrios highlights the hardships of teens trying to make their own way in the world, while also framing the struggle of living with physical and emotional disabilities.

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