The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia


Fleming, C. (2014). The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia. New York, NY: Schwartz & Wade.


Hardcover-$18.99 (Barnes & Noble)

This title is also available in Kindle, Audible, and CD formats

Awards: Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children, Robert F. Siebert Honor Book, YALSA-ALA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction Finalist


Honestly, I prefer to read non-fiction. I like knowing what is going on in the world. Eventually I’d like to be a chaplain in the military so I read a lot of books about religion and history. -Chris L., age 18

A true story of the Romanov family and the struggles of Imperial Russia.

Tsar Nicholas Romanov was the leader of Imperial Russia during the 1900s. Nicholas spent most of his time cloistered away with his family (a wife, four daughters, and a son), completely ignoring the needs and suffering of his people. While the author discusses the turmoil of society leading to a revolution, we are drawn to the eccentricity of this family. The Tsar’s young son battled hemophilia with the aid of the notably evil and mysterious monk, Rasputin, who also provided counsel to the Tsarina. The lack of an adequate leader pushed the country toward civil unrest and the Romanov family met their untimely demise.

If you enjoy history and conspiracies, or just loved the movie Anastasia, this book is for you. Fleming’s book is an award-winning account of the Romanov family and it provides a great way to build on the information learned about the Romanovs in World History classes. It has a lot of mystery and intrigue, and while still being factual, it does not read like a textbook. It artfully illustrates the decline of the family, as well as the hardships faced by society. School Library Journal lists the book as being for grades 9 and up, but I feel that it would be easy enough for a mature 7th grader to read it if it was a subject that he or she were interested in.

Watch this National Geographic documentary to find out more about the Romanov family

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